(Kinematic Records)

Felix Fractal, aka Terrafractyl / Hypnagog was raised on a diet of classical music, opera and jazz. Trained as a Bassoon player, Felix worked professionally for several symphony orchestras before switching over to electronic music full time and becoming one of Australia's most prominent electronic musicians.Since then, he has been weaving the threads of psytrance, jazz and classical music together, incorporating his love/addiction of piano and a slight obsession for building analog and digital synthesizers, and people have been absorbing the results at festivals and parties all across the globe for the past decade.While also working on his other musical project Hypnagog, and creating both software and hardware synthesizers for use in his music, Since 2009, Felix has released 4 full length albums and one EP under the Terrafractyl moniker, most recently the album 'Squares within Squares’ on his own label Kinematic Records, as well as 50+ tracks on various compilations over the year2023 update... an EP is coming next!

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