The bastard spawn of several ex-rock bands, and the after-effect of the digital age. "Tetrameth" is the brainchild of musician/producer, Peter Hayes. A seasoned psychonaut, & an artist who's headlined some of the biggest electronic music festivals around the globe. Having significant and critically acclaimed releases "Psychological Pyrotechnics", "The Eclectic Benevolence" on Zenon Records. Tetrameth is one of the original pioneers of the Zenonesque sound, & it was after this he co-founded Australian based progressive label, Weapon Records (weaponrecords.com) releasing a 3 track EP "The Relentless Internal Concerto" (Book-1).
Informed by an inspired musicality, Peter is a graduate from the Conservatorium of Music and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. Influenced by a wide array of musical sources. Tetrameth’s unique style is experimental, progressive, & steeped in the paisley psychedelic realms of the Rock'n Roll acid era, delivering a frequency that's intended to augment the brain & refuel the soul. Truly unrestricted by limitation or the conventions of genre. Quite simply, Tetrameth is a beast of its own.