Salt & Steel

Multi award winning duo and powerhouse rockers, Salt and Steel fire up the stage with edgy and heavy esoteric sounds. Their music fuses heavy rock to the earthy and grounded sounds of tribal, blues and roots music. They deliver this with solid drums, guitar riffage and intoxicatingly fierce vocals.


In the past year, Salt and Steel have opened for the likes of Wolfmother, SuperJesus and You Am I to name a few. Having also released two singles with subsequent tour runs, they have garnered a huge new following and received airplay from Triple J and radio stations across the globe plus positive coverage from Australian press such as AAA Backstage, Scenstr and many more.


Known for a live show that is genuine and doesn’t hold back. It is clear that they love what they do from the contagious energy that they possess.


Salt and Steel evolved from an acoustic duo after the two desperately decided to give busking a go when their car had broken down. For Elle, drumming was a dream she thought never possible. But catching the fever, hand drums soon became not enough so she worked hard and soon replaced it with a kit.

“since I can remember I’ve always wanted to play drums and then finally the drums came to me.” - Elle

Now a powerful rock combo, they are working towards the release of their next single which will be followed by a national and International tour in 2020.