Roger Grassi

A bit of Roger Grassi (aka SOULROGERA)
Hailing from Sao Paulo (Brazil), @rogera78 First stepped onto the scene as an anonymous artist and quickly gained traction with his focus on underground dancefloor material, fusing nostalgic elements exploring a variety of unique sonic textures, from synth laden, retro-style house to deep and melodic techno. In the year of 2018, with his Big Awaking moment into spirituality, in one of Sacred Medicine Rituals, he has a vision of a different aspect to work with music, sounds and embodiment as a healing tool. Using music as medicine. Since that day, he began to follow that vision, and after many retreats, workshops, sound healing journeys, rituals and embodiment experience like Kundalini Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Cacao's Ceremony among others practices, he fond the perfect combination of rhythms and style, where he’s mixing organics and electronic beats with deep tribal shamanic elements that induce to a journey inside feelings and emotions, shadows and lights, creating a space for self discovery, leading to a unique journey inside, beyond time and space, where everything is possible, promoting spiritual awakening, mental clarity and physical and emotional well-being. Since bursting onto the Gold Coast underground scene as a founding member of Secret Garden parties in 2008, he became a resident DJ in the most famous nightclubs and festivals around the City. Last year he had his first appearance in Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival, playing 2 sets, one as Roger Grassi, where he played a downtempo set with influences from Liquid Bloom, Mose, Rapossa and others, also, one set feat Crafting Sounds (Live Instruments) where he had a participation mixing 6 songs by artists such as Ben Bohmer, Oliver Koletzki and Lane 8. This year with great honour he was part of Earth Frequency Festival for the first time, performing at LOVE stage and the dream of playing your first gig at Rabitts, would be something incredible.