Moon Dogs are a fusion of psychedelic, reggae, rock and blues, with strong hooks that are fronted by catchy melodies. They have been lucky enough to play with some amazing bands over the last 18 months such as Blue King Brown, The Black Seeds, Ocean Alley, The Sea Gypsies, Revolution Incorporated, Mar Haze and Mañana. Topping their list of achievements is definitely playing at Sweaty Palms festival 2017, Bohemian Beatfreaks festival 2017 and  being announced for Mountain Sounds Festival 2018. This up and coming band is one not to be missed!


We have been together 12 months and since then played with some amazing bands and things moved really fast. Playing shows in Newcastle and the Central Coast as well as major festivals we have had a crazy year gigging most weekends and hence our following is growing super fast. Our First Single For a While was recorded with engineer Jack Nigro at The Grove Studios, he took our songs and transformed them into something we never imagined. We have him to thank for taking us to a new unexpected level.


Our single Launch on the 1st December with one of our major influences (Bootleg Rascal) is just mind blowing! To have their support in what we are doing means an infinite amount. These guys just sold out European and US tours for god sakes.

We would like to thank all the people involved in making this single, Jack Nigro from The Grove Studios, Kathy from DB Mastering, Ben Ruytenberg and Sean Dunlop for designing our artwork and most of all our family and friends because we can’t do what we love without your support.