Moe Aloha

Hailing from the mean streets of the East End, London: Moe Aloha has seen his roots and adoration for travel influence his uniquely diverse range in sound through his sets today. His first passion was in the sound system culture of Dub, Jungle and Raggae back in his hometown. The passion for music from the west indies led him through his travels across Europe, and namely in Amsterdam and Berlin where he discovered the power of electronic music that was to be the start of his love affair with the all encompassing ability that techno and house had to bring people together.


There has been a thematic draw to the music that has always pulled him in and it’s always been sounds that create a sense of community while being energetically charged and ultimately anti establishment. Never one to be drawn to sanitised sounds often found in pop culture and in the mainstream, he believes the most meaningful art comes through often challenged and even oppressed places. It was this mindset that led him to throw his first underground events in Thailand and shortly after, Australia, where he really gained momentum through his events organisation Melbourne Dance. 


Having only been around for two years they have birthed festival concepts the Temple of Boom and Garden of Eden and provided many emerging talents an opportunity to propel themselves into the public eye, no easy feat considering the first year of parties were all completely off grid and underground, popping up in roof tops, beaches and city parks around Melbourne. Within his events work he really sees himself as a servant to the community contributing heavily to the Burner community as well as through his latest event concept the Celestial Gathering.


Now a regular and established DJ in Melbourne and occasionally interstate, a weekend following him around will see him spinning house at Revolver, progressive sounds at Circus and techno at My Aeon week in week out. He describes his sound as “contemporary” and spends each and every day unearthing new sounds he can use to express his craft. Never one to stick to a single genre and shy away from the traditional “journey” set, he uses his carefully curated track collection to push and pull the crowd into intrinsic highs and ecstatic euphoria. 


Though he has a perfect mix to suit any mood, any time, anywhere what really gets him tingling are the sounds of afro psycadelic techno and progressive house with a penchant for some breaks, as well as groovy downtempo and deep tech. This Summer has seen Moe Aloha break in to festival circuit so expect him to bring the same energy to Burning Seed, Strawberry Fields and Rainbow as well as talks of an overseas tour underwork.