Michael Scheppert

Michael Scheppert dj and producer from Germany, In Germany every month he has proved his skill for playing great electronic music in the Clubs and Festivals, where he made the Germans sweat. In typical fashion when the sweat drips from the ceiling in the club, the equipment including the dance floor is moved outside and the field next door is transformed into an unforgettable open-air event. Michael Scheppert promises: booming basses, stepping feet and a broad grin for every lover of clattering techno and the deepest (!) deep house. He has been resident and a regular at some of Germany's best clubs such as Lehmann, Douala and Finca.. Playing alongside greats such as Dominik Eulberg, Pleasurkraft, dubspeeka, Format B. Oliver Schories, Stereo express and David Jach to name a few. Besides that he releases with Julian D under the name POTT Melodic Techno tracks.