A funkadelic bass music producer hailing from QLD, Australia, MastaRyte has made a name for himself on the electronic music festival circuit downunder with his unique blend of bouncy basslines, lush brass sections and jazzy piano solos. 


After dropping 'Horny as Funk' on Glitch Hop Community in 2017, MastaRyte has been sharing his unique blend of bass music across the country at festivals - Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Dragon Dreaming, Sprout, Tropical Bloom and The Town, plus slots at Luminate, Twisted Frequency, Biophilia and Golden Bass in New Zealand.


Recent releases on Beanstalk Records (AUS), and Canal Dub (Latin America) have seen MastaRyte adapt a more psychadelic sound to his productions pushing himself sonically and taking his basslines deeper than ever before.