Lili Joy

Originally from Bulgaria but growing up in Italy, as a child Lili was surrounded by music and having learnt Violin from a young age 5 and as a teenager she has worked as singer. Around this time she developed a strong passion for collecting and mixing various music.

This passion eventually became a career choice within the sunny Sydney club scene.

The sun laced water-front bars became a perfect setting for the tropical style which Lili developed.

She has since gone on to tour the country performing live sets with a band, performed at festivals across the country,

Lili played Burning Seed Festival 2015 and 2017 and performed at Subsonic Festival 2017.

She has also hosted a weekly sunset event for 6 months per year which also raises environmental awareness.

Lili has also runs  several house music radio shows as Eau de Tech every Thursday on Bondi Radio and Freak Hour with Lili Joy on Virtual Reality Radio also based in Sydney.