Khainz has been putting his unique stamp on dance music for nearly 20 years. But the easy-going DJ and producer is the first to admit this wasn't part of a master plan.

Everything he does reflects his passion for electronic music and respect for the craft. "Technology changes constantly, who knows what it will be in five years," he says. "What matters is the music. That doesn't change." Khainz likes to teach people to make music. He frequently invites fellow artists to his studio to make their own tracks.

When it comes to his records, Khainz is continually perfecting his art. His computer holds hundreds of tunes that will never see the light of day because they don't meet his sky-high standards. What does emerge from his mixing desk is unmistakably Khainz. "It's important to have a fingerprint, a style," he says. "It is totally intuitive. In the studio, I do what I like. I never do something because it's a trend."