Does disco really have a place at a doof? 

Imogen Frangou, AKA GOO, also wondered this as she stepped up to the stage to play her set at Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2019. It turns out it does - she won the hearts of many at both Rabbits and Bohemian Beatfreaks last year when she played to dedicated groovers in the early hours of the morning. She brings a fresh take to DJing with her selection of unique, funky baselines and old-school synth. Her style is confined to no genre, but rather, she lets her sets be guided by mood. Her music is sensual by nature, and will get in your soul and massage it from the inside out.

After playing a slew of shows both in the Brisbane club scene and festivals around SEQ and founding the Pleasuredome warehouse party project in mid 2019, GOO’s love for the dance music scene only continues to grow. Each day she learns more about herself and her sound, and her burning passion for for music only gets stronger.