Gabriel Moraes 2.0

Exploring uncharted territories of techno, Brazilian sound explorer Gabriel Moraes approaches his expeditions in a noticeably unique way. Sitting restlessly between the heated Berlin style, progressive, tech house and a good measure of rave, the tone is catching on, eyes widen and ears prick when the robust sound rumbles through.

Causing a serious stir internationally, Gabriel’s music has been played and praised by Eric Prydz, Solomun, Victor Ruiz, Coyu, John 00 Fleming, ANNA, D-nox and many more of the world’s most influential artists. It’s become clear that the masses are recognizing this soaring act, with Prydz vocalizing his support for Gabriel in a radio interview when Gabriel’s ‘Die Hölle’ cracked the earth’s surface.

A keen collaborator, Gabriel’s diverse works have included Rafael Cerato, Haptic, EEEMUS and Nineteen Sines. Through remixing Gabriel has coupled with Dusty Kid, Citizen Kain, Maksim Dark, Niko Schwind, K.A.L.I.L, Jiggler and Modeplex.

Now calling Melbourne home, Gabriel has planted his feet firmly in the renowned Australian festival and club culture, with headline slots at Earth Frequency, Subsonic Music, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Dragon Dreaming, Elements, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Church of Techno, My Aeon and Capulet.