Farfetchd is one of the cheekiest animals in the outdoor party scene, and since moving from mixing into production he's constantly roaming further into wide and wild territories. Predominantly he produces an 8-bitty flavour of raunchy, funky glitch hop, but his sets can range from electro to breaks, tech house and just about anything in between.

This untamed beast unleashes tight drums, sneaky and sleazy grooves with ridiculously large sounds to build the kind of vibe that awakens the animal within us all. By the end of a set dont be surprise to be screaming, swinging from branches or throwing banana peels at loved ones. Farfetch'D can be found as a resident at ArtOfficial festivals, doof’s up and down the coast and numerous clubs in his home town of Brisbane on support. A solid staple to any proper glitch session. Releasing through the heavy weight glitch labels of the world, Simplify, Adapted, Empathy, Pooty Club, Monstra & Junkfood , the innovative take on bass music that is Farfetch'D continues to surprise and fans cannot get enough.