Strong grooves, ripping riffs, bright horns. These are the things which are guaranteed at a Catnip gig.
Drawing on a broad spectrum of inspirations, Catnip has developed their sound into a potent dose of highly
danceable, ultra-groovy, funk. Catnip’s style is a unique blend of funk/rock/jazz/reggae.
Catnip is a Newcastle based band who have been playing together since the beginning of 2016. Originally
coming together to play a set at a friend’s 21st birthday, the Catnip guys soon realised they were onto a good
thing and started writing songs together. Catnip now boasts a jam packed set of fantastic originals and epic
jams which highlight the strong musical connection of the members.
With interweaving solos and playful riffs, Catnip recreates the old school funk jams of groups such as
‘Sly and the Family Stone’ or ‘Parliament’ which will have you moving without you even realising.
In July of 2017, Catnip released their debut EP ‘Mr the Boss Man’. This EP was recorded at Newcastle’s Sawtooth
Studios under the masterful skill of Clint Topic. The EP was met with great reviews and helped catapult the
group into a string of high profile gigs, including supporting Australian acts such as Ocean Alley and Kallidad.
Due to the versatility of the musicians, and the broad range of influences on Catnips sound, the group is able
to adapt its sound to every environment they play in.
The ‘Mr the Boss Man’ EP was written collectively by the band and presents a collection of unique songs, each
with a slightly different style. The group is unified by a love of good music, as can be heard in their EP as well
as their live sets.
Catnip is David Kercher (Guitar/vocals), Brett Pollard (Guitar), Zac Germon (Bass), Zach Cotter (Drums),
Eddie Staccato (Trumpet/keys) and Chris Higgins (Saxophone).