BREIZERS are like a hard kiss on the lips. Like looking down at your shoes and realising your laces are undone but they look better like that anyway. Coherent exuberance. With emphasis on coherence because without that they would be a pastel coloured blur on a Spotify recommend list. Without the grounding coherence of those three on stage I’d walk to the bathroom, trip and fall into the trough and promptly tie my laces back up. Energy without that coherence is just energy, but BREIZERS tie it all together as much more than the sum of its parts.

With 3 east coast tours under their belt and an appearance at Byron Bay's iconic Bohemian Beatfreaks festival last year, BREIZERS are well on their way to carving an enduring lane for themselves, The band are an annual fixture at many local festivals and events including Newtown's very own King Street Crawl in 2017 and 2018. They have also made appearances at the Cronulla Shire's homegrown music festival "Grassplot" and at Newcastle's "Bandapalooza" every year since 2016.

The group have recently released their first single "Darlin" in nearly two years and with a second single on its way in early 2019 they are set for a very strong year. Pedals to the floor and raring to go BREIZERS are ready to take you to outer space with a drum kit and two guitars.