The latest member of the Iboga Records family - BIGFOOT - is a big man with a big sound.

Bigfoot is an Australian artist offering a sound best described as a mixed concoction of progressive tribal elements involving intricate soundscapes layered behind a thumping, bass heavy groove.

The brainchild of the Bigfoot project is Calico Jupp, a man who forged his musical skills in both Far North Queensland and Far North Coast NSW - two pillars of the Australian Psytrance landscape. These areas are known for producing strong willed, positively motivated and dance-floor orientated musicians - Bigfoot is a unique example of this heritage with a massive sound that seeks to convey a positive yet powerful dance-floor response.

Producing electronic music since 2010 and having toured quite extensively abroad, Calico has now returned to Australia to continue his career and has an exciting impending release on the mighty Iboga Records.

Look out for big things from the big man with the big sound!