Known to continually break through into new sonic environments, it’s with constant movement and scope that Auramechanic allows himself to balance and incorporate new and evolving styles with his own established signature sound. A dynamic blend with a bass emphasis at its core, his DJ sets will continue to unravel and reveal themselves to be born from deep influences of experimental downtempo bass, instrumental hip hop, dub and even modern styles still emerging from within the bass culture.

This Melbourne born musician (formally known as ‘Altruism’) finds the studio to be where most of his time is now spent. Amidst the isolation of its confines, its here that the original production that lays at the heart of Auramechanic’s uniquely expressive sound is carefully crafted and sculpted. The reward of hours, weeks and years spent tirelessly searching, digging, sampling, re-editing and developing a truly individual soundscape of low end bass melting flavours. 

Highly sought after for his remix ability, Auramechanic also received international recognition for his experimental downbeat sounds combining binaural processing and cognitive techniques within a deeply melodic bed of atmospheric abstractions and beatscapes moving parallel with the narrative.