Influence by Amazon tribe and sounds, Akuandub blends electronic and acoustic elements in a live performance that delivers an evolving soundscape that will take you into a groovy musical journey. 

Caco Law (@itsmvlaw) is a Brazilian-born DJ / Producer and sound engineer.

Caco was nominated under Best Sound Engineer category in the 2009 Latin Grammy. With over 15 years working with award-winning artists and composers such as Beto Villares and Antonio Pinto in many different productions such as Pequeno Cidadão, Get the Gringo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Seu Jorge and Almaz, Rodrigo Campos, Siba, Céu and many more.

Marz (Percussionist / Dj / Producer / Sound Therapist)

Heartily acknowledging and gracefully embracing the True and Pure, positive Resonance between Humanity, our Animal friends and Earth Mother through the power of Cultural, Tribal, Heart based Medicine Electroacoustic Music.

Marcelo Martins, (Aka Marz Starz) ex-member of Lubdub, has his roots in Sao Paulo/ Brasil where he first learned Samba percussion and Harmonica / Flute from a young age to later practice his musical skills in Australia both instrumentally and as a Dj.

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