Evan Chandler aka Slynk had music on the mind from birth. Naturally gifted with a musical ear he flirted with a range of classical instruments including piano, guitar and drums.

In 2004, Slynk received a gift that would inevitably set the wheels in motion. A set of turntables motivated the aspiring DJ, and consequently resulted in an unremitting addiction to vinyl. The two years following, in his hometown Brisbane, Slynk secured a residency in an underground New York inspired café. Here he refined his skills, experimented and educated his peers and fans with mash up productions of classic hip hop, ingrained with rare and funky, rhythmically savvy grooves.
In April 2008 local DJ agencies started showing a zealous interest and in time Slynk was running rampage and shaking rumps throughout Brisbane’s most notorious funky joints. Bedroom DJ no longer, Slynk was fulfilling his destiny as one of Australia’s leading funky breakbeat DJs and producers.

Slynk’s reputation stems from his inventory of unreleased and unsigned party style ghetto funk bootlegs, remixes and edits. His work is highly sought after by DJs around the world while his forward momentum knows no boundaries, releasing more tracks with Jalapeno Records Goodgroove, Manmade, Breakbeat Paradise, Roca Records, Bombstrikes and Discocakes.